You(th) Got Skills Episode 1: Lose and Sifila

♪ Oh! ♪ ♪ K1! ♪ ♪ Young Sid! ♪ ♪ Tyler! ♪ ♪ Remix! ♪ ♪ I think we’ve got a
problem, tell ’em evacuate. ♪ ♪ The animal’s escaped– ♪ – We started dancing in year nine when we came to Manurewa High School. Our earliest memories, we
used to dance in primary. Our inspiration for
dancing is in the feeling. – Yeah, it’s how you express yourself. The NZ competition came up, we came second place. Will Smith really,
really, really liked us, so he gave us a shout-out on Instagram. We went viral, we had like over a million. – Over a million.
– A million views. Now we’re just fundraising
for our trip to America, ’cause we were invited practically to the Olympics of hip-hop. – The World of Dance League. – We wanna go to uni
and get a dance degree. – To perform.
– So we can be able to perform for a company or even teach dance. – Yeah. – ‘Cause we feel like we
wanna give to the audience or give to people that
really love to dance. – I’m Rebekkah Schoonbeck and this morning we’re at
Apollo Theater Studios. So, I started dancing at age eight and haven’t stopped since, really. So, things that I’ve learnt through dance, especially from being in dance classes and working with teachers, is one, being able to receive feedback, showing up on time, if you’re working with a team you’re not letting the team down, you’re committing to something. That’s a huge thing that
works with whatever field you’re gonna go into. – I feel nervous and excited, but I can’t wait to have fun. – We’ve just seen The Rewa All Stars doing their fundraising concert. I think it’s so cool in this context to see these students having the freedom to express themselves through dance. They’ve got these amazing talents, with the talents also come the skills that they’ve kind of learnt
from being in classes or having those tutors and those mentors kinda hone and be able
to listen and create and communicate with other people. You know, those things of
showing up on time to a class, committing to something, those skills can still
transcend into anything that they decide to do. So, this morning we’re
in Mount Wellington. I’m here to meet Andrew Gurr, who’s the managing director of Fusion, a big IT company. And we’re gonna talk
to him about the twins. – [Andrew] We’re a IT company. We’re also involved in
lots of other technologies, supporting government
agencies and businesses, as well as schools and
their IT infrastructure. – I’ve got a video to show you. – Cool.
– Would you like to watch it? – Let’s have a look. – What does dance mean for you? – I wake up knowing
that I’m going to school and I have dance next period. – I also like that. – It’s cool that we’re
from South Auckland. – Yeah, and that we’re a
South Auckland based school and we’re going to dance
at worlds as guests. – And also from that you’ve
got some sponsorship. – Yeah. – We did a Air New Zealand gig. And we’re sponsored by Stirling Sports. – In terms of your
fundraising sort of things, do you guys have jobs? Are you helping support yourself? – Oh yeah, and we work like
from 7 a.m. ’til like 7 p.m., every single day at my dad’s house. – Yeah. – So, we can pay for our America trip. – So that it’s just not my
mum doing it, or my dad. – In your crew, you guys
are the junior leaders? – Yeah.
– Yeah. We’re the junior leaders
alongside other people. We’re junior leaders so that
we could come up next year and be the leader leaders, so we just watch them. – That’s cool. – Would they be suitable
for a job here you think? – I think absolutely. The idea that they’ve got leadership built into what they’re
doing in their dancing, that’s really interesting. One of the things we
found with our internships is students that we’d hired as interns, after a years time they were
then mentoring new interns. Any sort of leadership
in school where you’re, not necessarily instructing or leading, but you’re thinking about
what others are doing and helping them move along as a team, those are key skills for all businesses. (upbeat hip-hop music) (fast drumbeat)

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