YouTube Audience Retention Analytics. How to Read the Data? [Tutorial]

We all know how important YouTube watchtime
is so how do we stop viewers from doing this… Hello, is there anyone there… hello? Welcome back everyone I’m Rob and this is
vidIQ, the YouTube tool and channel that aims to help you get more views in less time. Our
tool is free to download, a link is in the description and while you’re at it you might
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up to date with everything we do. Today’s topic is all about audience retention,
making sure viewers watch your content for as long as possible and we’re going to use
ourselves as an example so let’s jump straight into it. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term audience
retention, it’s the average time a video is watched for and it’s usually calculated as
percentage. As a simple example if one person watches
a 1 minute video for 30 seconds that’s an audience retention of 50%. As the numbers increase this could get insanely
complicated but fortunately YouTube has a dedicated audience retention tool in the analytics. Using it to view your entire channel will
only give you a vague insight so you really need to drill down. Click on a specific video
and that will start playing it, along with a graph that starts at 100% audience retention
and then falls as the video plays. So what you can do with this is watch videos
at a microscopic detail to see what might be causing your viewers to switch off. Now
let’s put this into practice on one of our videos, a quick 90 second tutorial on YouTube
Watchtime and how important it is. Roll the tape! Welcome to a brand new series called vidIQ
Shorts. 60 seconds. One topic. Let’s go Simply put watchtime is the total number of
minutes viewers watch your Youtube videos for . You can look at your watchtime from the Youtube
analytics page for either your entire channel or for individual videos. The vidIQ realtime statsbar also shows you
watchtime for the last 7 days. While there are many factors that decide the
success of a Youtube video, watchtime is definitely one of the most important for one simple reason: The more minutes a viewer stays on Youtube,
the more ads they can sell. As a video creator it’s your job to keep viewers
on Youtube through watchtime so make sure to keep viewers engaged throughout your video
with the best content you can produce. The more watchtime your videos get the more
Youtube will promote them. Everybody wins. Check your audience retention analytics to
see how long viewers watch your content for because if you can keep them on Youtube to
watch more videos, even if they are not your own videos, you will benefit from session
watchtime which we will cover in a future video. Want us to cover a topic in 60 seconds let
us know in the comments below and to start using vidIQ tools to help you get more views
in less time download the chrome extension for free. Like, subscribe and enjoy the rest of your
video making day. Bye for now. So what does this graph tells us? First all
the good news. It has high audience retention for the first minute being over 60%, however
you would expect this from such a short video. There are no sudden mid-video drops which
suggests the topic is relevant to the audience, the gradual decline simply represents concentration
span. The sudden drop off at 1 minute however is
very alarming and on review of the video we can see why. The countdown clock and tone telegraphs the
end of the video content with the remaining 20 seconds being a pre-recorded like, subscribe
and comment segment. Viewers have watched enough YouTube these
days to sniff out such tactics and immediately switch off. In effect 30% of my video is dead
space and it’s seriously affecting my audience retention. Audience drop off at the end of videos is
a common problem for most YouTubers. I try to fix this by including a little bonus after
the end credits in longer videos just like this one, but for the vidIQ short series I
think I just need to be ruthless and kill that end segment because the last thing I
want is viewers killing their YouTube session. Now let’s take a look at some more examples. This 6 minute video loses half its audience
in the first 15 seconds which suggest the introduction is too long or the thumbnail
and title don’t match the content. This video looks like it peaked too early.
The second half of the video must be boring waffle that doesn’t interest the viewer. This video is very long which causes 80% of
the audience to drop off in the first 15 minutes. Those that stay however seem to be there for
the long run. Lot’s of watch time here. And this video spikes back to 100% 1 minute
in. This is because viewers are replaying that section of the video meaning something
of significance occurs here. After that a huge drop off. So those are some tips to help you review
your audience retention and find out why viewers might be switching off. As a YouTuber you should never stop learning.
I’ve just criticized my own work in this video and that’s fine because I want to improve
with every video I make. Now as way an experiment to improve audience
retention on vidiq I want to play a little game with you. Try and find this logo somewhere
in the video, it’s already occurred, comment with the timestamp and �I want to win�
and you may randomly be picked for one month’s free trial of vidIQ boost. Enjoy the rest of your video making day, bye
for now.

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