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I’m the hero that YouTube deserves but not the one that it needs hey everybody this is roberto blake of helping you create something awesome today so by popular demand I’m going to talk about the new YouTube heroes initiative it’s a program that’s been rolled out by YouTube there are some good things about it and there are some things that a lot of creators especially loved high-profile traders have voiced some concerns about I’m going to giving you my perspective on YouTube heroes and also why I think so many people are having negative reactions to it and what I think the underlying truth is behind that so the YouTube heroes initiative is going to be a point rewards system YouTube actually announced that earlier this week and it has become one of the most disliked videos for this month on YouTube very rapidly and very quickly a lot of people are very negative about this so let me explain what the program is and then I’ll explain the reactions so YouTube heroes is going to reward points that give you perks in YouTube for certain actions if you accumulate enough points you’ll get access to new features new tools beta things that YouTube is testing and releasing access to youtube exclusive workshops and more access to YouTube itself in terms of being able to contact and reach out to people so that sounds pretty cool this is a way for you to elevate your status and have more access to things in YouTube things that people who have 10,000 or 100,000 or million subscribers normally are the only ones to get you can actually earn standing and access to this by just being a part of the YouTube community and participating in ways that YouTube finds to be helpful that sounds pretty cool that sounds pretty benign right well this is where it gets interesting here are the actions that reward people points and how you climb the ladder so first of all you can gain points by reporting a negative content in YouTube that breaks the policy in terms of service this is overwhelmingly what I think people have a bad reaction to but it’s not the worst of it just yet you can also earn points by helping moderate comments you can earn points by helping youtubers closed caption their video or translate into another language and I think this is one of the actual fastest and best ways to earn points I think that’s amazing there are actually been a couple of youtubers who have translated some my videos to French and to Spanish in terms of captioning and translations and that’s amazing and they decide to be anonymous so I have no way personally to reward them for doing that I would love to but youtube is going to actually be able to do it through the system and I think that that is actually really cool I think that will encourage more people to help youtube content spread out there to people in other countries I also think this will help with the differently-abled and the hearing impaired and that’s only a good thing so rewarding that kind of behavior I’m all for it YouTube will also give creators points in the reward system for giving the best voted answer in the YouTube help forums and again I think this is overwhelming you posited it’ll encourage more people to be active in the forums and to participate and just help each other out there’s nothing but good there the issue is that as you climb the ladder and you get some of these new tools and perks one of them is mass flagging of videos and I think the overwhelming fear is that this will be abused but the YouTube reporting system is already being abused by people we just want report videos that they hate on now granted they risk some damage their own account but a lot of people have found workarounds for that and so on so forth and so by giving them these mass flagging powers a lot of people are scared that this is going to cripple a lot of YouTube channels in its gon fall into the hands of trolls and just bad people but that happens with every tool in every system in this platform and every other social be a platform anyway here’s the catch though YouTube is specific about the accurate reporting of these with regard to how they reward points for this program which means that you’re not just going to instantaneously get these points there will be a vetting system in place which means that if you actually sign the agreement the legal contract mind you to be part of this YouTube Heroes program and you violate the Terms of Service well there are consequences for that I’ll let you read those for yourself also again this is not something that’s going to happen instantaneously you’re not just going to get these points you actually have to be proven to have done this accurately anything is if someone makes another account just to do this then the thing is that account not being the account that their own YouTube channel as a creator is pi/2 won’t benefit them nearly as much and so it would actually be a waste so this actually kind of hurts anybody who’s thinking of abusing the system because if they make an account just for this then the powers that they would get from it the axis they would get doesn’t really benefit or help their channel as much because it’s not tied to any channel that they are actively participating in and relevant in so that hurts them but if they use it and they’d abuse it with a channel that their YouTube account is tied to to the content that means something to them they put their own account in jeopardy and they put their own name and credibility on the line and so I think that this accent more as a safeguard and I think that that actually really matters and so the thing is I’m less concerned about this because there’s already rampant abuse of the YouTube systems especially YouTube’s copyright which I still think is the overwhelmingly biggest thing we should complain about we should zero in and focus on complaining and beating down the doors about YouTube’s copyright YouTube’s copyright ID YouTube false copyright claims by companies and about fair use we should focus on one issue we should rally behind that and we should beat down YouTube’s virtual doors until we get that fixed instead of whining about every other little thing that they do but hey that’s just my opinion of how to actually accomplish something you know something that will affect the far majority the 99 percent of channels instead of the one percent of YouTube commentators news channels and youtube drama channels that are most impacted by changes like these yeah I said it and so overwhelmingly i think that the YouTube heroes initiative is going to be a good thing I think that there will be proper vetting I’m trusting you tube to do that because it seems like what to me was the entire point of this system is instead of having everybody be Cowboys they’re deputizing people but holding them accountable the rewarding good behavior instead of focusing on just punishing negative behavior and I overwhelmingly think rewarding and protecting good people is overwhelmingly more important than punishing bad people 110% believe that does the far majority of us do the right thing the far majority of people are in compliance with the YouTube’s Terms of Service the community guidelines we’re doing everything right I don’t think that not rewarding us not looking out for us just so you can focus in on the one percent of people who are trolls or people who are scumbags or doing mean things just for the sake of doing mean things i don’t think that focusing in on that one percent that small minority that small and very loud minority i don’t think that that does the rest of us a lot of good I just don’t so YouTube hats off to you you actually have my support on the YouTube heroes thing the dislikes are due to the fact that I just don’t think that you communicated things well enough I don’t think a two-minute animation as easy as that might be to have people consume I don’t think it really gets the point across what you’re trying to do I really think having other YouTube creators with good standing talk about this and introduce it and be spokespeople for it would have actually went a lot better and having them explaining in detail in a five to six minute video and a representative of YouTube putting a face to this I think that that would have been a lot better i think people would be more comfortable with it i think if you would address their concerns I think if you’ve done a live Q&A around this addressing people’s fears and concerns right afterward with somebody from YouTube that can answer these questions and be accountable that would be better I think every time YouTube roles something out that they should do a live Q&A and that they should have people be able to reach out to them and um you know encourage and bring in up senior people that been on this platform for a long time that have reputations and good standing to be able to discuss it and talk about it to their viewers I think that just having everybody interpret it and fear monger I think that that leads to a lot of chaos I’ll address that in my video about ten things YouTube can do better and how we make youtube great again anyway I’ve got a pole running what do you think is the biggest issue what are you most afraid of in terms of things are going on on YouTube right now is it this new YouTube heroes initiative and being worried about the mass flagging is it youtube d monetization or is it like me youtube copyright is that’s still the biggest overwhelming issue you think we need to address as creators the pole is running also let me know your thoughts in the comments section like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome content on the channel rememberin youtube tip videos are usually on fridays but sometimes i just have to talk about something as always you guys thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today


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