Y&R News: Pregnancy drama just in time for Kyle-Lola breakup | Theo proposes to Lola

Recent events at the Abbott household have
viewers looking forward to a major fight between Kyle and Lola. With the friendship between Lola and Theo
blossoming over the past few weeks, we could sense that rough time is ahead for the newly-weds. But now there’s more than just Lola-Theo
friendship. Before we get on with the video, we want you
to know that we make new videos every day. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Kyle disliked Theo from the time he came to
town. Now that Theo is trying to hit on Lola, Kyle
hates him even more. What’s making things worse is that Lola
does not agree with Kyle. She thinks Kyle will never understand Theo
and that he is judging him unfairly. Meanwhile, she is letting Theo come close
to her. The tension between the couple over Theo leads
Kyle to make a major slip during his business trip with Summer. The ex-lovers wind up getting a little too
close and crossing boundaries. Well, this development has been brewing for
a while. Viewers know Summer and Kyle have been going
great at the workplace. They are constantly together at the office,
telling each other how wonderful they are. Lola has been very trusting when it comes
to her husband working with his ex. But once the Kyle-Summer kiss comes to light,
she will surely hit the roof. It’s hard to imagine Kyle getting out of
this without splitting with Lola. Spoilers tease there might be a big twist
coming in the story with Lola discovering that she is pregnant. Y&R foreshadowed the “Kola” pregnancy
a few weeks ago and Kyle’s reaction was sheer terror. If Lola finds out she is pregnant after breaking
up with Kyle, everyone would reel from the news, especially Kyle and Summer. Viewers can also expect Theo to plunge in
to help Lola with her pregnancy. Clearly, Theo has more opportunities ahead
of him. Theo may insist Lola wash her hands of Genoa
City and people there and start a new life with him in Paris. Lola probably would not go for that idea and
this may force Theo to decide if he truly cares about Lola enough to stick around. Stay tuned for more Y&R spoilers and news.


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