Zakhmi | Official Trailer | Dev Kharoud | Anchal Singh | In Theaters 7th February 2020

BEEP I came to city for the benefit of my family. What did I know that this isn’t a city it’s a forest. Father… My baby was very scared. The dirtiness of the city which scares you my child. I will clear all the dirt before lifting you. Master Do not kill me. Take care of your dignity. Whoever wants to be a punk like you. People will say, Go and see the condition of “Ginde”. This is the first girl whose naive face has won my heart. “On every page of Fait ” Sir, relatives of “Reet” have come outside. “Want to write your name.” Today we will start a new topic. “Greetings” “On every page of Fait ” Every day the same excuse, the same lie,
know how I felt shameful today. I will not get such an expensive hobby of love. Hey,It’s not a love. Life is cheap if you get love partner. I will snatch you from the world. Now you don’t take care of mine after getting daughter. If God may not come in between us. look into my eyes at once. Now look into my eyes. “SHAAN” Dad I’m so scared. Do not scare my child, your father is with you. Nobody will dare to touch you. I do not leave any case unturned. You have to come whenever, wherever you are. You are worried about your case,
those goons are threatening my family. I feel lost. For the loved ones, changing oneself
is strength not a weakness. Let me say one thing, SHO(Police Inspector). This attitude of yours makes people
afraid of cops more than goons. If you do not take action with
every criminal who involved in this case. Then, I will kill everyone alone. Now you will force the police. Do not make the force, want to be stop the force. I don’t live in pressure. and not I’m a coward who can
watch any wrong thing silently. Do what you like. Your wife is with you. He is a common man. The common man is a part of the crowd. I’m not a sophisticated man ,I’m a Jatt. I will tear him by keeping between the legs. A common man’s fear is his family. Beat them father. Family is a weakness and strength also.

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