ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas (Theatrical Trailer)

ZZ Top, how’d you come up with a name
like that? We will tell three stories and none of them will be true. The mystique of the band is what brought me to them A look and a beard like that, what’s the
rest of your face like? They’re unique, they’re eccentric. When you’d see them on stage it was like seeing Bugs Bunny in person. We found a sound, yeah that’s it, it was
time to take Texas culture to the world. They became international superstars. Success is a great thing, it can also really screw with you. All three band members we wanted to take a step back. I got a cheque for $72,000, I uh
spent it on drugs, every bit of it. With these two guys I’ve never wanted to
quit and I never wanted to get fired. Is it better to have beards over the
covers or under the covers?


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